Didattica e Curiosità

Asintrekking - Asti - Didattica e curiosità


One of the many virtues of the donkey is its frugality. In fact, donkeys are content with a simple shelter that should only be closed on three sides. Pasture grazing is their perfect nourishment, especially in places where they can find dead leaves or little wooden sticks; donkeys are used to maintaining sites and slopes that people find difficult to access.

They feed on hay, carrots, a little dry bread and a few apples, but not too much of these because they can ferment and cause the animal to feel ill. Donkeys need to drink a lot of water. There is only one thing they are cannot get enough of: the care and company of their owner! Donkeys are more devoted than dogs, and once they see you, they love to be near you (and miss you when you’re gone!). Their voice changes according to their mood.

Asintrekking - Asti - Didattica e curiosità


Donkeys interact more than you might think: despite their unjustified reputation, they are very clever. They are also used in pet therapy, called donkey therapy. They provide a beneficial relationship for improving mental and motor fitness in disabled patients, hyperactive children or youngsters, and people affected by sleep, food, and relationship disorders. We can organize non-competitive donkey trekking sessions and walks in nature of several hours in order to encourage our guests to move.